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Geniune Celtic Imports


Much of our apparel is tailor-made and prices can vary accordingly. Please call for specific sizing and pricing information.

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Highland Wear

In order to avoid sizing mistakes, don’t measure yourself – call us first! There is a tremendous amount of inexpensive Highland Dress available – much of it dubious quality and from uncertain sources. If you purchase any item of Highland Dress, please be sure that you buy it from someone who can guarantee the source and the quality, and don’t be fooled by EU packaging laws!!

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Tea & Food

* All food items are subject to availability
* If you have a special request, please let us know and we will attempt to find it

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Premium Jewelry

We have jewelry from:

Custom jewelry

We deal with some of Ireland’s and Scotland’s leading jewelers.

When you order customer jewelry, please note:

  • Custom jewelry cannot be returned
  • The complex designs of many of these ring styles means they cannot be re-sized, so please make sure you have been sized correctly
  • Please be aware we will not deal with custom jewelry bought elsewhere

For everyday wear

We also have less expensive jewelry for everyday wear. We carry a wide range of Celtic jewelry in porcelain, silver and gold. We rotate in-store inventory frequently. Necklaces, pendants, lockets and rings are always in stock, as well as a large collection of the world-famous “Claddagh” rings, in the traditional as well as more modern styles.

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If you have a special request, please let us know and we will attempt to find it. Contact Us